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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Wizard of Flaws!

Mulain has been trying out UK Beauty Brand Soap and Glory's 'Wizard of Flaws' - a light-reflecting concealer that is easy to apply and is lightweight on the skin. Mulain is a slave to Benefit's Highbeam and has been closed minded to trying out new highlighters.....but....actually I did like this product....for a day-time, pick-me-up glow it's good. Great on the cheekbones and brow bones - but not for undereyes as it has too much glitter.....Mulain loves Le Glitter but at really only at night, parties or fancy-dress not necessarily for a 9-5 look. Great packaging, like Benefit...good retail therapy not sure it actually promises the world though....as it says on the box.
Love the name of their lip-plumper - mother pucker! What fun...now I mu-st try that.
Mulain x

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