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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The year was 1987....

.....and a little American dance film hit the screens world-wide and teenage girls went wild!!!!!!!!! Mulain remembers it well....all the girls wanted to have 'Johnny' as their own boyfriends and truly believed that if he could fall in love with 'Baby', and forgive her for saying 'I carried a watermelon'....then dreams really do come true. Patrick Swayze....R.I.P.....we will miss you and thank you for making dancing cool, for making such a fantastique film.....we had the time of our lives just watching you.
Today people is Patrick Swayze day....put on the DD soundtrack and dance away.....if you have a partner fabulous, but even if you don't.....pas de probleme....just dance and celebrate him, the film and yourselves.....'I'm a love man, oo baby I'm a love man'......

Monsieur Swayze there was n't a girl alive who did n't want to be doing this.....(see above).... lifted high with your fabulous, strong 'Johnny' arms.....and the 'nobody puts Baby in a corner' line had us just lost. Then came 'Ghost' and your iconic status was cemented!

'I carried a water-melon!'
Mulain is off to fat mu HQ this morning, meeting the lovely Natasha and Virginia. There are scripts to be read, looks to create, emails to read, emails to write and full designing of our make-up courses is on. Do watch this space.
Mulain x

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