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Monday, September 14, 2009

New York Fashion Week!

Traditional Alice

Disney's Alice

'Alice In Wonderland' inspired make-up at the NYC Fashion Week Sept 09

As Mulain has already told you my dears, Tim Burton is releasing his version of 'Alice In Wonderland' next year (cannot wait)....in the meantime looks like the NY fashionistas are also grabbing Alice's looks for the ramps of 09/10. Make-up artist Tina Turnbow, using NYC make-up, brought a doll-like look to the models focusing on pink cheeks, pearly white eye-shadow, a black eye-line and lots of lashes! Lashes are big for next year...(check out the new Tokyo lash bar in Selfridges, London courtesy Mr. Uemura). Other film influences observed was the 'Sherlock Holmes' look for guys...will this spark a trend for Victoriana make-up, facial hair for men? Ummm..... Let's wait and see. Dying to see Guy Richie's film version too....without wishing our lives and the rest of 2009 away my friends, there are some fantastique things coming our way for 2010.

Mulain thinks...knows..... it's going to be a great year.

P.S - To brighten your Monday morning....has anyone seen 'Tajik Jimmy'.....a man who since his childhood has sung Bollywood film songs....quite heartwarming.....the next Susan Boyle from Russia....please see and smile....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7azBYOHQooE

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