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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's Telluride again can you believe it?

Slumdog's La Pinto - Make-up and Hair by our very own Mu Natasha Nischol, for fat mu

Virginia and Natasha holding one of the Slumdog Oscars!

Mulain just can't believe a year has passed since Slumdog was 'discovered' at the Telluride Film Festival.....the 36th festival has just passed http://telluridefilmfestival.org/show/program_guide and just don't think there was the same buzz as last year with La Boyle's hit-film. Mulain still remembers how excited all the MUs at fat mu were when the Oscar buzz started.....Oh la la! Just so much fun. Can you believe the Oscar band-wagon starts now.....all the festivals will be rolling out films galore and we will wait excitedly to see the new releases.

Mulain is still so proud of La Pinto and La Patel still wow-ing the planet and working hard on their up-coming projects. All the fat mu team wish you well my dears - and let's catch up soon....
Do let me know any new films you see my darlings - sharing is caring...
Mwah Mulain x

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