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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's calendar time 2010!

Natasha is busily prepping for the Taj Calendar shoot 2010! Above is the September 2009 image that MU Natasha did last year - fabulous locations, great creative team - a good time was had by all in the Maldives and Rajasthan. This year she is teaming up with super-talented Adhuna (from B:blunt), super-stylish Arjun Bhasin (GQ's Fashion Editor) and over-seeing it is Design Temple's Divya Thakur...am sure it will be an awesome shoot! Mulain is melting in the Mumbai heat.....watching the MU's prepping, shooting, teaching.....desperately trying to get my hands on that new vibrating Maybelline mascara too. Maybelline are damn good for sure....off on a mission to find it.

Ciao bellas......Mulain x

1 comment:

  1. Mulain, I agree wiz you. Oh to be French. Zee charm, zee sex appeal, zee accent, zee well trained hair and most of all zoz toned, tanned hairless legs. Not that I am envious because occasionally I like to feel and stroke my downy legs and face. It is comforting and makes me feel like a fruit, a peach, and most men would prefer a juicy peach to a smoothie, wouldn't they? I also agree with you about having a trademark, but you can have a trademark at any age. It could even be a spectacular cocktail ring that people recognise you by. Feeling comfortable with oneself comes with old age unfortunately. Too late? Never. Embrace it. Au revior