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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So here's to you Mrs.Robinson...

Mrs. Robinson from the 1967 movie 'The Graduate' is a legend! Every young man's fantasy. An experienced, mature, attractive woman seducing you and willing to show you the way dans la chambre.....am I right boys? Well Mulain watched 'The Graduate' recently and was blown away by how sexy and alluring Mrs. Robinson was. Great hair, lovely 60's make-up and an incredibly confident approach. As the character unfolds we see how actually she is afraid of her life and her age and the youth of her daughter....an equally sexy Miss. Robinson (also great hair, lashes and eye-lines to die for).

Mulain has observed that nothing has really changed from 1967 when the film was made to now 2009 when women are meant to be in control of their lives....women still hanker for youth or lost youth! So sad my friends.....and so self-destructive. I think Mrs. Robinson and Miss. Robinson are equally attractive but in different ways....there is the innocence and freshness in youth but confidence and feminine knowingness is fabulous as well. Lesson is don't worry about age - it's going to come. Face it, embrace it, run with it...or it will eat you alive. As Bette Davis said....'Old age ain't for sissies!'....How right she is.

Please watch and observe in the film the fabulous hair, great lashes and in the wedding scene please take note of the wonderful natural coral gloss on both femmes Robinson. Just stunning....
So here's to you Mrs. Robinson,
Mulain loves you more than you will know,

Mulain x

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