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Monday, September 7, 2009

Mannequin make-up!

The finished job! Mannequin make-up and hair...

Today MU Virginia's make-up brief for a jean's campaign was to make the male model look like a Mannequin. The MU's love any make-up challenge and it's always fun to do different get-ups! The most important feature for this look is the skin.... it is essential that it should have that plastic, polished, shiny look - basically unreal. So working in co-ordination with the photographer and his lighting (a make-up artist's best friend my dears!) we played around with different products til we all reached a common conclusion of the best look. So using a small bowl some MAC face and body (cool tone) was placed with some Revlon Skinlights and a lovely dollop of body moisturizer was added to the mixture. After it was stirred up and mixed together it was placed, with a large foundation brush on any flesh that could might be seen - arms, feet, neck, ears.....thus giving the body a lovely sheeny, plastic looking base. Important to work closely with the stylist so that you don't ruin the clothes...otherwise you will become the most unpopular person on set!

For the face a Ben Nye base was put on to create a flat look. From this the sculpting of the face began.....lots of contouring, using a lovely Ben Nye shade.....and Highlighted with a Derma palette. We really played with the lights and darks...changing the face to look unreal and very structured but not feminine. Have to say the star of the day was Benefit's Highbeam which was placed on any protruding body features to really pop the look....the bridge of the nose, the cheekbones, the brow bones, the collar bones, the wrist bones, the finger joints, the toe joints! We went highbeam mad but it made the look complete and everyone was 'appy....

For the lips and eyes we played around with different looks - nude matt lips, then using model's natural lips, black eye line on top of the lid for definition, also a beige eye line on top, with a strong nude colour on the eyelide. Eyebrows were brushed up high and set with browfix, and transparent mascara used on the lashes.......it was great fun and all day was like sculpting or painting a lovely canvas.

Virginia could n't resist adding a little rouge in a couple of shots......just for a little Oh la la!

The hair we also made into a Mannequin look....like a wig, making it look unreal with different products - wax and gel, different directions, always covering the model's natural hairline.....fine balance between high fashion look and bad wig! Very challenging for all involved, especially the model who had such hard poses to maintain. Bravo Gaurav.....you are a superstar......so patient with us all day.

Mulain is off home for an early night - quite exhausted by it all and having the need to remove Bombay from his face....facepack is programme for the night and a good rest - it is quite 'ard the life an artiste!

Til tomorrow...Mulain x

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