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Friday, August 28, 2009

Spoilt for Choice!

Mulain is finding it hard to keep up with the speed of new make-up brands that are being launched all over the planet, what an explosion! Even in a recession people are still buying beauty products. There are so many, are we spoilt for choice? It's fantistique on one hand as we have so much choice but YOU, the people, mu-st find it hard to keep up to speed on what's new and good and worth the bucks. No need to stress you know you have moi. I do my best to wade through the world of maquillage to keep it simple and find out the true little treasures and tricks, tips and truths.

Am on the pulse my darlings, 24/7......Interestingly there are two pop-stars recently who have both turned out 'niched' cosmetic brands - red haired beauty Nicola Roberts from mega girl group Girls Aloud has designed her products to suit pale skins and red/light/strawberry blonde haired gals - 'Dainty Doll'. Obviously a gap was there in the market that needed to be filled. Another (coming to Selfridges in two weeks) is another songstress Beverly Knight's creation, offering her K' make-up range for darker skin tones and shades and again seeing a gap in the beauty market that perhaps was not being filled.

We at fat mu HQ are always open to new brands and trying them out....Mulain tries to not get cynical about the business side of make-up and the 'sell, sell, sell' culture........was a little sceptical when checking out the Primark new make-up range...I feel it's just too cheap! And I am never truly 'appy putting a product on my skin if I can't read the ingredients...not too keen on glitter gels and creams that burn the skin...not a good, feel or look....umm....but you never know...anyone out there tried them?

'Pure' is another new one, 'Jemma Kidd' is on the move up in popularity, mineral make-up brands too......'Soap and Glory', 'Illamasqua', 'Too Faced' and 'Urban Decay' still going strong....it's a tough, fickle and fast paced market.....do let me know if you know of any new 'brands' on the block my friends...always good to know...

Mulain x

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