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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Beetroot blush!

La Beetroot!

Recessionista blush is on! Mulain is introducing La Beetroot! Even Madame Shilpa Shetty has been known to say that she uses Beetroot as a blusher. Not that it's a new idee....Beetroot was also used as a hair dye in Victorian times as well as on the cheeks for that lovely English Rose look (you thought it was natural?). Mulain's grandmother was telling him only last week that his Great, Great Aunt Phoebe (who married a diamond-mine owner from Nigeria in the late 1880s!?!) always used the beetroot to keep herself looking flushed, blushed and rouged up, from Africa to Europe, wherever she travelled! An easy, healthy, cost-effective option - simply boil the beetroot and put on your cheeks on top of your moisturizer. Voila!
Be 'beetroot' beautiful and see people comment on your glow!
Mulain x

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