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Monday, August 31, 2009

Give me RED.......!

The power of the red lipstick is often underestimated. A bold, confident and sexy style statement in itself that not many women think they can carry off. Mais that's where you're wrong mes cheries... from a classic movie star red to a scarlet blue red to deep wine or a brick red... there's a red for every girl of any colour... and any age...! My Grandma still has her bright red lipstick on everyday at the age of 81 and I have to say she looks just marvellous...! So if she can do it girls you definitely can... and I promise you won't be sorry... so pick your favourite red to suit your complexion and put it on the next time you go out and see how fabulous you look and feel...!... and the beauty of it is .... its always in fashion...!
Available at most beauty counters to suit every budget... follow the link below for tips on how to wear red lipstick and how to chose the right shade for you!


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