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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Trials and 'Tribal'ations.....

For all you Fashionistas who love to experiment with colour... this fall is going to be your season..!
The experts at Shu Uemura have done it again... out of the box thinking that is... where fall make up trends are normally dictated by autumnal colours, namely browns, rusts, golds etc... (more subdued colours that is)... Shu Uemura has done just the opposite and splashed out on colour by taking inspiration from tribal art and paintings... bright yellows, turquoises and fuschias dominate this collection labeled 'Primitribe'... whilst still maintaining some golds and volcanic colours to balance out the tones...
Especially interesting are the multicoloured eyelash strips to complement the seasons look.. and add a touch of tribal funk...!
Not just restricted for the professional make up artist any more...the colours are out there for anyone who wants to play.... so get your goodies early and get experimental people....Collection hits stores mid- August...

Mulain x

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