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Monday, July 20, 2009

Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions

Recently I met a friend of mine after a couple of months and for some reason could not tear my eyes away from her lashes... those were'nt there before I thought... but was not sure whether I should ask... what if they were...? But my attention kept going back to them.. they were longer, darker, curved and gave the eyes a very doe like appearance... it just changed her look...! She's a pretty lady.. but that morning she looked particularly lovely and so I asked...I had to! And sure enough - ' lash extensions'....! Aha I knew something was going on.... well I have to tell you mes cheries Mulain was very impressed and immediately I wanted some of my own...

After talking to her I learnt that she had them done in Japan, but it's available in many countries in Europe, and in London and the US.
The process lasts about an hour and is painless... just a bit boring and you have to be patient, because they bond the fake lashes to your own lash by lash....! Don't worry it does not harm your own lashes ... I already checked.....Its semi-permanent... and the extensions can last up to 6 weeks or so and fall out naturally with your own lashes when their time is up...!
The results are amazing... thicker, longer, darker, curved, natural looking lashes.... and you don't need mascara....! Great for all you ladies but especially for the ones going in front of the camera... much much better than applaying those fake lashes all the time... this is a one off every 2 months or so and looks a 100 times better...

Pssssst - An insider tip - Naomi Campbell has them... and she does not wear mascara... doesnt need to because they are so naturally lush and gorgeous on their own...!

So I don't know about you but I am seriously thinking of checking this out on my next trip... will keep you informed..... Mulain x

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