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Saturday, July 18, 2009

... it's enough to make you blush...

Mulain loves 'rouge'...! Non.. not just because it is my last name but because it is the one thing when applied can add an instant freshness and dash of life and couleur to your face...an instant 'perk' me up...!
Rouge or blush as it is more commonly known in today's world has been around for centuries... ladies through the ages have applied various potions of the so-called blush on their beautiful faces to achieve this look .. whether by applying the juice of crushed rose petals or simple pinching ones cheeks like in the Victorian days.
Why so popular you may ask?... Because its amorous mes cheries... it has always been associated as a sign of love, health and happiness... a look we can now get so easily from a tube, a pot or a bottle... in liquid, gel, cream or powder forms...
There's enough on the market today to make you blush and here are a few of our fat mu favourites...


An all time favourite with the fat mu team... this lovely smelling potion made from crushed rose petals can be applied to the cheeks for a very natural flush that lasts through the day. It can also be doubled up as a lip stain...
After benetint came posie tint... lovely for that 'English rose' look... great on fair skins to achieve that peaches and cream look!

Gel blushers! we especially LOVE these... so easy to apply and great for all skin tones for everyday use... adapts to your own skin tone to give you that lovely natural blush that lasts all day long.. perfect for that no make up look! can double up as a lip stain too but can be a bit drying .. so remember to put on your lip balm once the stain sets in.
Screen Face in London does a lovely one called ' Barely blushing'.

Especially good on dry or older skins... but great on anyone wanting a smooth creamy finish... available in various shades....Bobbi Brown, Shisheido, Nars and Stila do some of the best ones on the market. Easy to apply as they glide on... and some come with shimmer too to add a lovely subtle sheen to your skin.

Good 'ol powder blushers.... great for oily skins or if you just want to go for that matt look... can look as subtle or made up as you like... whether its a flush you want to add to the apples of your cheeks or simply to sculpt your cheek bones.. this is the one for you...

So come on ladies ... now lets see you blush....

Mulain x

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