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Friday, July 17, 2009

Spa with a conscience

Mulain is glad to know there is still some good left in this world. Today I discovered a gem in the Metta foot spa tucked away inside lovely and quaint Pali village in Bandra.
My need for relaxation and worry of spotting what might be a varicose vein (can you imagine anything uglier.....!) drove me there on a recommendation by a friend.

It is run by a lovely lady called Joanita Figueiredo (sounds very exotic) who started to train the blind in giving foot reflexology and head and body massage...however, even after they were fully trained nobody wanted to employ them and so Joanita decided the best thing would be if she started a spa and employed them herself... and so she did! Bravo....! What a wonderful thing to have done Joanita- we here at fat mu applaud you ... and wish more people would take you as an example and use their talents to help those in need.

Priced extremely reasonably at Rs 200 for half an hour and Rs 300 for a full hour which includes foot, head and body massage it is a real treat and real value for money... and all profits are equally divided amongst all who work there.

Mulain highly recommends this place to anyone who wants to help all these people by spreading the word around of a really good massage for a really good price...

The spa has now been open for just 6 months with a high success rate and is soon opening their new branch at Worli...!

To read more about it ... visit...
www.mettafootspa.com/verve.htm Tel: 9870719923

Start making your appointments people and let Mulain know what you think... x

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