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Friday, July 17, 2009

Reality Bride!

Call Mulain old-fashioned but I am just not understanding this concept of 'find your life-partner on TV and let your fans pick for you!'..... Am I stupid?.....Would love to meet with Mademoiselle Rahki Sawant and ask her to explain to me what, why, who, when, how? So many questions - yes she was made into a celebrity on Big Boss and became a national conversation piece for her blunt, up-front personality (amongst other things) but does she feel she has to up-the-game to keep in the limelight.....there must be other routes for her other than the 'reality tv' one.

Maybe I am too harsh - afterall....she has no sugar-daddy or Bollywood godfather behind her - she is doing it all by herself in Bombay, not an easy feat for sure. We do 'ope you or rather your fans pick you a nice groom ma cherie......a life-time of the wrong reality-tv decision is a long time. Am I being too negative?

I wonder who is doing your make-up for the big day? fat mu have n't had the call.......Madame Lulla is doing your frock and Madame Khan your very expensive jewellery - maybe you did n't realise we do 'wedding belles' as well.......Yes Ms. Sawant...fat mu not only do film and tv and theatre and personal events but we do dip into the 'shaadi' zone.

So wish you well for your big day - remember it's never too late to say 'oh my god - what am I doing?'.....am sure there are people who will love you regardless.....and watch out for too much lip-gloss and over-contouring.......you might end up looking like Posh Spice meets Latoya Jackson....not a good look but your choice of course.

Bon chance and remember you can always call the fat mu bridal team.....we will be on stand-by for you.

Mulain x

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