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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Its all a bit spacey....

40 years ago man made history by landing on the moon. Today is its 40th anniversary and we're already talking of space travel not just for the likes of Monsieur Armstrong but for anyone who can afford it. Monsieur Branson has said his Virgin Galactic spaceships will be completed and ready by December of this year...! Technology....! Never ceases to amaze me.....!

Tomorrow is the longest solar eclipse of the 21st century...! It will last for precisely 6 minutes and 39 seconds... it will happen between 5:28 and 7:40 in the morning Indian standard time and I'm hoping to be up to see it.. the next one takes place in 2132... so really people it's now or never... Bombay will have a partial eclipse... hopefully its not cloudy and raining so we can witness this spectacular phenomenon....but if not...don't fret... you can see it live online ... just visit the following web site for details on how to -

Also as you can imagine all the astrologers are going mad...! And so for a little fun I have found this astrological forecast for all the signs as a result of the eclipse... check it out -

Now on to more important things in Mulain's world and the world of Maquillage.... All this space talk has inspired me to think of futuristic, space age make up that we can incorporate into our daily routines... and I'm thinking metallics metallics metallics....

We can take inspiration from the 60's space age fashions or simply just create our own versions of what we want....Wether its a sweep of gold, silver or bronze across your eyelid, or even just a bright metallic eyeliner flick.... a bronzed lipstick on a dusky complexion...or a pale shimmery metallic pink a la the 60's...
Irridescent highlighters to bring out those lovely cheekbones and metallic pigments mixed with moisturisers to give that lovely angelic body glow....whatever takes your fancy my darlings.... the good thing is metallics never go out of fashion and NEVER fail to make an impact....! ..so go play my lovelies and remember to set your alarm to wake up and witness the most awaited eclipse of the 21st century...!

P.s. - We at fat mu have too many lovely metallic favourites to name them all here ... but the one that out shines them ALL is a lovely subtle champagne coloured metallic eyeshadow from MAC called '
Woodwinked '
A must have for everyone professional and non-professional... as it suits every occasion and skin tone... simply loo-verly...!

Mulain x

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