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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

News on the MUs!

Today I am just filling you in on what the MUs at fat mu HQ are upto. It's all go......there is the shooting of Disney's first feature which is being filmed entirely in Mumbai and around Maharashtra with a stellar cast, who unfortunately cannot be named at this point of time....secrets, secrets! The film is due for release in December this year so do watch this space. The fat mu team are surviving the heat on location and are ensuring the actors do not melt and look good! My MU Virginia will be re-joining the crew for a couple of weeks soon to check all is going well and to replace our darling MU Kamlesh as he is getting married! So 'appy for him...

Our lovely Xavier is helping on the Disney film and also doing his usual GQ shoots and weddings - a busy little bee for sure with that constant smile - we love you Xavier! Our lovely Natasha is flying between Mumbai and Delhi with the Bachchan special effects team - 'full on' airbrushing for her! She is currently M.I.A.....holed up in a studio/set...no daylight for her......make-up is not all glamour my dears.

Our lovely Reetu is entrenched with Disney and facial pieces! Probably dying for a bit of glamour.....Do not stress my dear - the bridal and party season will commence and you and the team will be back to the beauty and the glitz of weddings and fashion shoots! Cha-l0!

Make-up is so much fun my lovelies and never dull....fat mu are dabbling in one of their passions...Le Theatre! Designing the Hair & Make-up for Anuvab Pal's new play, which opens end of this month. After co-writing Loins of Punjab, The President's Coming and Chaos Theory this play will definitely hit the jack-pot with audiences. It has a great cast, Sophie Choudry being one of the actors involved - the MUs have to create 6 different looks as she plays 6 characters in the play. We loo-ve the challenge!

So its a total mix of film, television, fashion, theatre and of course not forgetting our lovely wedding belles. That reminds me...am off to meet a bride now can't be late!

Love you all - Mulain x


  1. I am a huge fan of Virginia and Natasha. Like they did for LOINS OF PUNJAB, are they planning to shave Anuvab's chest again for this play?

  2. Aha - happy memories my friend. Mulain is quite 'appy to repeat the hair removal procedure - just don't tell Pal!

    MU's the word....Mulain x

  3. I'm in love with Mulain... does that make me gay?


  4. Mon petit-chou - not at all - everyone is in love with me! Enjoy....

    Mulain x