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Thursday, June 4, 2009

What to do?

How sad...as much as Paa's security people tried to protect Mr.Bachchan's amazing new look, those forever hungry 'snaparazzis' managed to click a photo on the sly and put it on the front cover on all the papers. Shame non? Hopefully people will be so wow-ed with what an amazing job the prosthetics team have done that it will pull the audiences in my friends. Mulain is wondering is nothing sacred anymore?......It's a sad week. I am completely heart-broken without The Tonight Show with my favourite Jay Leno. Trying to get into the new guy....ummm....let's wait and watch.

You remember Virginia's little mention on the show.....her little 15 mili - second of glory with our lovely Mademoiselle Pinto!

Waiting for the rains to cool the city down! So hot my darlings - we are all steaming!
Any tips for cooling down, please let me know....fast....I am a little puddle in this melting metropolis!

Mulain x

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