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Monday, June 1, 2009

The Perfect One-step Facial Cleanser?

Friends - we know the world is falling apart as we speak, bomb testing to our right, missile testing to our left, bankruptcies galore not to mention diabolical human rights atrocities not far from our very shores....but amidst all this boom, doom and gloom Mulain has made a wonderful discovery!.....Please don't think of me as shallow my darlings but Mulain is so happy to think he has found the perfect facial cleanser and is to-tally excited by his find....Oui this little beauty I swear removes Bombay from my face everyday, leaving my skin looking and feeling fab-ulous! It suites all skin types, smells yummy thanks to the extract of orange ingredient and is a 2-in-1 delight so saves us on time, effort and money.....brilliante, brilliante and brilliante. You just need some soft cotton-wool, shake the bottle and off you go 'chalo'....urging you to try as it's too good. It's name is Clarins, Demaquillant Tonic Express available all over the world from Paris to Shoppers Stop, Mumbai!

Do let me know what you think - Mulain x


  1. Well, I hate to boast but I have found zee best mood cleanser - in zis terrible world - its getting onto ze fatmu blog. Mulain, you have ze perfect way of putting things in... how do you say it... perspective? M.V.V

  2. Mulain is blushing - thank you, thank you for your support and admiration....what to say mon ami? Or is it mon amie?

    Much love,
    Mulain x

  3. mon ami, Mulain, mon ami...