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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Max Factor 1909 - 2010

Gisele - the new and last face of Max Factor
My darlings...I told you a few days ago that I heard a very ugly rumour that one of the victims of this recession, depression period that we are going through is our very own Max Factor. Oui, c'est vrai..... our Great-grandfather of La Maquillage is being phased out in the US next year....one hundred years of make-up. Makeup! The term we use so commonly literally does mean, “to make up (ones face)” and was first used by Monsieur Factor. He has given us lip gloss, he created the forerunner to cake makeup, he developed the first foundations for different skin undertones, he also created the first smear-proof lipstick and worked on countless sirens of Hollywood - creating looks from Garbo to West to Dietrich.....Wunderbar! Really he was our pioneer and the world of make-up will have lost a good dependable friend and brand - Mulain is wondering how he will survive without his 'Max Factor waterproof mascara'....it truly is....like Monsieur Factor....world-class.

Au Revoir Max Factor and thank you......for everything....

Mulain x

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