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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Caring McCartneys

How can we contribute to saving our planet? Well it seems the McCartney tribe 'ave come up with un bright idee of having a 'meatless Monday' to save the world - cut back on your steak tartare, your caviar, your black sausage, your crispy bacon bits, your piggy trotters, your tripe for one day a week and you will help climate change - makes sense non? We all 'ave to help in some way and this it seems everyone can do.

Stella M even has her own skin-care range now 'Care' by Stella McCartney....totally natural and organic, making us aware of what we are putting on our skin and encouraging us to think in an organic way. http://www.stellamccartneycare.com/UK/

MU Virginia's brother is currently crewing on Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior and doing 'is bit for the environment, sailing on the high seas and risking life and limb for a good cause - personally I think he's in it for the chicks and the T-shirts, but 'oo am I to judge? Bon voyage monsieur and bon chance to all the eco-warriers out there.

Anyone for a veg-cutlet?

Mulain x

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