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Friday, June 19, 2009

NYX colours galore

A trio of NYX bleu!
Mulain was doing some shopping in New Beauty Centre, Mumbai and checking out all the new products, colours, textures and brands that are out (anything to escape the doom and gloom of the world my friends!)....... Some new international brands are now on display, from all over the world.......Beauty is such a big biz non? A certain USA brand, NYX display caught my eye and I was quite dazzled by the colours I saw.......I took a brave move, jumped mentally out of my comfort zone, and taking on-board Nar's 80s inspired make-up designs for Marc Jacobs - I bought a blue eye-shadow palette and a lovely mosaic - coral / orange blush!
Oh la la.....it's time to experiment and 'ave some fun and give myself a new look - am thinking Abba's Agnetha meets Boy George! Also invested in a NYX invisible mascara to keep my brows in shape. Very excited now in trying out my new palette of coleurs. This is my first time with this brand so let's see how I get on.....quite reasonably priced.... and neat packaging.....watch this space.
Mulain x

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