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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

La Courage!

My friends...all over the news we are seeing demonstrations in Iran, with the people angry that perhaps the voting has been rigged.....in an increasingly apathetic world Mulain applauds these people for showing la courage and taking action for something they believe - we should all learn a lesson from this. 'Ave attached my favourite YouTube clip, which still takes my breath away, please see below.....the courage and conviction that this man showed - complete selflessness......Mon Dieu!

Tiananmen Square demo 1989

What does this 'ave to do with make-up you ask? Well....I feel we can only enjoy our lives of liberty, lipstick and lashes because of people like 'im. So we should all be thankful, thoughtful, grateful. We are lucky we live where you can be anything, wear anything, say anything.....

So Mulain is off to practice his luxurious life of liberty and paint his nails rainbow bright, coat his lashes like a Broadway star and gloss-up for lunch while quietly wishing all in Iran goes well.....

Mulain x


  1. Wow - Mulain - chilling and fantastic post. You outdo yourself.

  2. It is my conscience my darling.....we should all think a little more and be tres grateful for our lives....Pray tell me your name anon?

    Mulain x