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Monday, June 15, 2009

fat mu's Thriller.....


Monsieur Baker at work with Monsieur Jackson
'Cos this is Thriller....Thriller night.....la la la la la-la!' Surely this 'as to be the best song and music video in the world ever. Non? The MU's are filming on location, in a haunted house so had the cool idee of re-making Michael Jackson's Thriller with the film crew - starring the fat mu team! What fun we are 'aving dressing up as zombies and doing the MJ moves - we will post it as soon as shooting is complete....watch this space. Our MU Virginia is playing Michael, directing, doing the choreography, shooting it and having a great time.

Unfortunately we don't 'ave the time for a full on make-up look, our MU Xavier works a bit of magic with some greasepaint et voila, ready to spook and spin - no Rick Baker special effect touches...but we are dedicating our video to him and director John Landis who made the original video fantastique! Rick Baker is a personal hero of mine, love his work! Have lost count of the amount of Oscars he has won. His work inspired me to be a make-up artiste.....I watched his work in 'Amercian Werewolf in London' and then 'Thriller' and was wow-ed and won over. Dick Smith, Rick Baker.....legends. John Landis directed both these projects and MU's Virginia and Natasha got a quick intro at the Oscars this year.......the 'ighlight for Virginia for sure.
The sun is setting now on our haunted house set, night shoot is on - perfect light for Zombies coming out of graves and from behind trees......as the song goes...'it's close to midnight and something evils lurking from the dark' - that is me, Mulain ..with my camera!
Caio from a moon-walking Mulain x

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