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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Michelle ma belle..

Michelle has brains !

Tout le monde is having a love affair with Mrs. Barack Obama, Michelle...Mulain's belle of the day. I think this loo-verly lady has got all the boxes ticked my friends - she is her own person, has her own style, seems to be kind, compassionate. Quietly confident, understated in her style and an impeccable decorum to boot. I applaud you Michelle...what a wonderful role model you are for us all.....and of course 'oo can forget you hugging the Queen at the G20....you and only you could have pulled that one off....and seems Madame Windsor was won over too.....

Michelle has compassion !

So carry on the way you are and we will hopefully watch you and your loo-verly family blossom in that big White House of yours....Mulain would love to come for tea?......

Michelle has style -her own!
So Mulain will take inspiration from today's mu-se and try and tick all his boxes......charm, finesse, style, kindness....charm, finesse, style, kindness...let's see how I get on....rushing off for a wedding by the Arabian sea with dancing and cocktails - and then off for a leettle partying in a sizzling hot Mumbai.
Enjoy your Saturday night people and tick those boxes too!
Til next time...

Mulain x

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