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Sunday, May 24, 2009

India's Weird and Wonderful!

Isn't he a delight my friends? You know in India - one just never knows what is around the next corner. It's a mix of the mad, the bad, the sad, the weird, the wonderful, the exotic, the kitsch, the whacky, the rich, the poor, the 'in-betweens', the holy men, the cows (MUU!), the old, the new, the forgotten, the discovered, the good, the glamorous, the forts, the palaces! All in all - it's just fab-ulous! A sensory treat for all and a constant kaleidoscope of inspiration for all at fat mu HQ....... I just LOO-VE it.....never a dull day in Mulain's Mumbai world.

My lovely MU Natasha spotted our friend above while filming for Salaam-e-Ishq in Rishikesh. Just wonderful!
Speaking of wonderful - I am having a super-relaxing Sunday in the city - watching my mango tree sway in the breeze and watching the Monsoon clouds slowly building up - thinking that the rains are coming soon my lovelies and also of all my MU's up to their eye-balls in air-brushing, prosthetics, facial hair, making up hundreds of extras....busy little bees.
Mulain is exhausted just thinking of it all, so off for a masala chai and a much needed little cow-nap.
Mulain z z z z z z z x

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