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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Slumdog Lolitas

Oof ! So 'ot in melting Mumbai!! My top tip to you ladies ... and gents who love wearing make- up - in this heat, keep it simple.. a bit of gloss, waterproof mascara and a little rouge et voila we are set - oh and a pretty compact in your handbag is a must- but the most importante accessory - L' air conditioning !

Talking about the heat i am still 'ot in the head after reading about our 'leetle' lolita Rubina. Tell me who dresses up as an arab and walks into a poor man's 'ome and offers 'im a small fortune for his daughter?? But then on the other hand who accepts such an offer from a man dressed as an arab? Mulain is not here to judge but we are asking is there anyone thinking of our little darling Rubina...that is the most importante thing! Ooh i am all 'ot in the head again so back to something lighter... lets talk of our other Lolita taking tout le monde by storm in a thankfully more glamourous way- our very own Freida Pinto...

Here at fat mu we are so proud to see our lovely Bombay beauty flanked by Kate, Claudia, Mario....and holding her own! We love you Mademoiselle Pinto...so poised, graceful and dignified...fat mu have had lots of requests about how to look like you....and so...tomorrow I will reveal to everyone the Slumdog look that started the Freida Pinto rage.

One day Rubina we 'ope to see you gracing the pages of Vogue, Elle, Bazaar, not just News of Zee World.

Until tomorrow - a bientot - Jai Ho!

Mulain x

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  1. Dear Mulain I agree with you about the Rubina article. In fact I have written a letter of complaint to the Sun newspaper and feel much better for doing so. Now I am going to powder my non shiny face ( our weather is perfect just now), apply ten coats of mascara, lip gloss and some pink blusher ready to greet this lovely day.