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Monday, April 20, 2009

Bravo Mademoiselle Campbell!

fat mu HQ are so impressed with Naomi Campbell visiting our lovely shores to show tout le monde that India is open for business! We applaud you and your colleagues for coming here and spreading zee love.....using your time and position to help those in need in these desperate, dark times that we are living in....Natasha and Od thought you were just di-vine! You are a bright star and have left us feeling good in theeze little old town of ours.

Mulain can disclose to fans out there that Mde. Campbell loo-ves and uses make-up products by NARS, CARGO, BOBBI BROWN.....excellente taste!

So again bravo to you but Mulain is a 'leetle' disappointed with the Indian cricket world though - IPL abroad and not here...Pourquoi mons amis? What are we saying to the world?....come, visit, but we are leaving?...I am very confused....anyone out there 'oo can shed light on this...s'il vous plait?

Mulain x


  1. Dear Mulain. I think we have some things in common. I love your blog. I adore make up. I am crazy about Bombay. In fact I may be in love with you. Are you mooried?

  2. Dear Moulain, Glad you are here! Desperately in need of some advice after a heavy weekend..dark circles.. concealer? or just straight to the paper bag for Monday? .. any tips on looking more La Campbell then chicken Campbell are always appreciated.
    Merci xx