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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Freida Pinto look!

So... you want to know how to look like our Slumdog sweetheart...Jamal's Helene de Troy...that belle du jour with the flawless skin ...that unblemished beauty at the train station looking for her love....... then follow closely... 'The Freida Pinto look'!.. 'ot off the press from the fat mu HQ.....!

Les Produits:
-Cosmetics a la carte liquid 'Skin Tint' in' Gold honey'
-Screen face loose 'Transluscent' powder
-Screen face gel blush in ' Barely rouge'
-MAC eyeshadow in ' Woodwinked'
-Screen face Neutral eye shadow palette
-Bobbi Brown gel liner in 'Black ink'
-Maybelline mascara in black
-Revlon kohl pencil in brown
-Shisheido cream highlighter
-Bobbi Brown lip gloss in 'Maple tint'

To begin our Natasha first prepped Freida's skin (cleanse, tone, moisturise) ...tres importante to create a lovely canvas to work on and for the make up to stay on looking fresh and glowing all day...

After prepping the skin , Natasha smoothed the Cosmetics a la carte skin tint in ' Gold Honey' all over Freida's face to even out the skin tone and create a lovely glow.. she
then dusted the Screen face loose transluscent powder lightly all over to set it.. concentrating on the t-zone so that the glow from the face was still visible...

Tres simple.. without overloading too much eyeshadow but still getting 'leetle' bit artistic with zee eyes.. Natasha blended colours using a lovely champagne colour ' Woodwinked' from MAC and colours in browns and taupes from the Screen face Neutral shadow palette .

First she applied a wash of taupe eyeshadow from the Screen face palette over the entire eyelid to create a base....
Over that a wash of 'Woodwinked' from MAC again over the entire lid , concentration on the centre for a pop of colour and brightness to bring a sparkle to her eye.... ooh la la...
She then used a medium brown to contour the crease of the eyelid and on the outer corner of the eye for a bit of a lift and to create definition.

After Natasha had finished applying the eyeshadows she used the Bobbi Brown gel liner in 'Black ink' very closely to the top lash line to accentuate and add even more definition... followed by black mascara on both the top and lower lashes and finished off a soft brown kohl pencil inside the rim of the lower lash line...

On her cheeks a lovely gel blush by Screen face in 'Barely rouge' was applied.. concentration most of it on the apple of her cheek to bring a very natural flush to her face... like loves first blush... ah..! i am such a romantique 'ol fool...

A slick of Bobbi Brown lip gloss in ' Maple tint' was applied for a very natural look whilst still adding leetle colour, moisture and shine

To complete the look a lovely champagne creme highlighter by Shisheido was used on the top of her cheekbones and brow bone to bring the whole look together and light up her lovely angelic face...

Voila ! 'ope theeze helps... tomorrow Rachael we will talk about your dark circles and 'ow to still look fresh and lovely ze morning after....

a demain...

Mulain x

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