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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mulain sees the light!

Ola people and listen up – especially going out to Rachel in the Bush!

Today we are going to attack zee problem of dark circles!

From melting Mumbai to Springtime Paris - every Tom, Dick and 'Arry is on the look-out for the perfect eye-blaster. That quick fix, that right cream, that magic wand, the perfect cure...even recipes!? to lift, lighten, brighten, to ensure your eye-area is perfect - Mulain is besieged with desperate pleas of revealing a remedy for this probleme so as always I am 'ere ready to 'elp….read closely and concentrate....

You must first ...sleep well, exercise, drink lots of l'eau and de-stress! From the land of the temples - as zee old saying goes..... treat your body as one - c'est vrai mon cheres.

At fat mu HQ we know the quick make-up fixes for instant radiance and brightness - YSL 'Touche Eclat' in 3 colours (no.3 may work on some Indian tones - make sure you try first in natural day light, not the morgue-style lighting of the department store..what are they thinking?). MAC 'Studio Finish Concealor' - again do try before you buy - getting your correct couleur is vital! Benefit's 'Lemon-aide' for pale skins is excellente and we just love, love, love the packaging 'bravo Benefit'....pour 'Les Professionals' out there we have found in our many, many years of experience, Kryolan 'derma' is the best for Indian skins - for a mix and match artiste it is truly the best - just remember to keep it light on the brush.

For skincare we are currently experimenting with Garnier 'Under Eye Caffeine Roller' for de-puffing those peepers in the early hours - watch this space! Aussi.....we hear 'Eyederma' is superior for all the eye problemes...dark circles, 'character lines', smoothing skin on zee lids....Mulain is currently investigating these and will pass on any useful information as quickly as possible!

If of course you are still struggling with all of the above... there is nothing a large pair of fabulous, dark glasses cannot hide while also maintaining a 'Garbo style' air of mystery - remember my darlings there are options for us all......

Mulain x

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