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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Vive Le Gaultier!

Today our 'leetle' Natasha is rushing off to shoot for GQ magazine with a high-profile 'ero from the Bollywood screen - can't drop a name as GQ super-stylist Arjun Bhasin would 'keel' us. Speaking of La Bhasin.....he recommended us MUs a fabulous product by France's own Gaultier - 'Monsieur Powder Bronzer' - use Jean Paul Gaultier Powder Bronzer for a discreet, natural, healthy look and what is great iz that it comes in a very easy-to-use, practical case with a mirror and brush.


Monsieur Gaultier has stated on his website that he has "made a firm commitment to men and their increasingly open relationship with grooming". Vive Le Gaultier.....!

Maquillage for the man seems to the buzz thing - man-cake! manscara! everything now is for 'im....not just 'er. Mulain is tres content with this new trend in the beauty biz, for years I have been searching for the perfect creams and potions - now I 'ave lots of options...Product's I love are....Benefit's 'You Rebel' tinted moisturizer (in 2 tones) is a male must-have.... fat mu can say that Arjun Rampal is a big fan of this! It adds a loo-verly glow to the face - good in all weathers.

According to a fab little article I read on www.ponystep.com Biotherm 'bronzer' is THE product to look out for- always with bronzers my dears - I say keep it light and not mythological....but whatever takes your fancy.

Everyone is jumping on this male make-up bandwagon....visit any big brand on-line and you'll find skin-care and make-up for everyone - as it should be.

What an exciting time for all us make-up loo-vers .....I say visit...


and as always - pleeze, pleeze let me know if you find a 'leetle' gem of a product...

Remember people.......sharing is caring!

Mulain x

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