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Monday, April 20, 2009

Boyle-ing over!

Monsieur Rouge wants to know is anyone else going ga-ga over the talent of La Boyle?...And we the Slumdog team are not talking of a certain director Boyle - Chanteuse Mademoiselle Susan Boyle took our breath away and must say brought a 'leetle' tear to my eye as I watched her on you-tube. Mon Dieu....what a shock and what a talent - in the recent trend for the under-dog Mde. Boyle has run away with the top prize. La Streisand watch out.....of course here at fat mu HQ we would love to add some rouge, some gorgeous lashes and lips and give her the added va-va vroom she needs - once she is re-packaged ...I see Vegas - sell-out concert nights galore.

Bon Chance Mde Boyle - we are watching you and wish you well.

Don't forget that Rouge now...


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