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Saturday, April 18, 2009

From Fashionista to Recessionista!

Having recently read the term 'Recessionista' in a hi-end, totally cool fashion publication (that shall not be named) .....it has made me think....we are all in the same bateau! Nips and tucks going on in every direction and we have no choice but to embrace the reality of the world economic situation and make it cool and hip - to quote a recent super-duper hit..'Jai Ho'!

So us MUs at HQ are urging all to do just this - simply open yourselves to different brands, using your slate-grey matter upstairs to be innovative, more creative - mixing your Chanel with Chambor......your Lancome with Lakme, your Bobbi Brown and Benefit with Boots, your Rubenstein with Rimmel (need I go on?).

Let's get uber-excited and call it a creative cross-over which will frankly add value to your beauty know-how!

Think outside the beauty box people and turn this 'Make-up Recession' into a 'Make-up Revolution'!

Mulain Rouge x

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