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Friday, September 23, 2011


La Loo-ver-ly Pinto in Italian Vogue!

Beard or no beard you are beautiful Madame Hayek!

Tom Ford Style of beauty!

Wow - now that's different....pour moi!

Bonjour! Namaste! Caio! Ola! - Wherever you are in our little global vill-age :).....

Mulain spotted a piccie of one of his favourite MU-ses...La Pinto in Italian Vogue and just LOVED the image, so different and slightly odd yet stunningly beautiful at least that's what little old moi thought. Just love looking at the world and the different ideas of beauty. Ever thought of it? What is beautiful? Look around you and see what you think? It's a lovely world filled with lovely faces and colours! Open your eyes to it ALL!

So Mulain wishes you well and to remind you to have fun - it's Le Weekend na?

So be beautiful WHEREVER you are! :)....M x

P.S. - Have great fun this weekend at the Sex and the City Make-up Workshop tomorrow!

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