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Monday, September 26, 2011

Tom Ford Style!

the iconic Marlene...

Tom Ford's sculpting tools...for brows and cheekbones...

Ok we know Madame Dietrich knew a lot of about contouring and highlighting and had so many tricks to enhance her face with make-up and lighting etc. Well the super talented Mr. Tom Ford has come out with some fabulous little tools and products to help us achieve Marlene perfection....MAKE-UP TACTICS are as follows...make sure you try out the BROW SCULPTOR - it's a pencil with a unique calligraphy style tip so you can achieve thin or wide brows...good control and creative choice for all of us. Then there's the Tom Ford SHADE AND ILLUMINATE excellent for the end of the year contouring trend. It's a duo of 2 creams - light and dark and comes in 2 intensities....don't be scared by the look of it, easy to blend til you have cheekbones that are chiselled from the gods! Thank you Tom...now we can all look as sculpted as Marlene D.

Another day in the fat mu academy....working on glamour eyes...meow! Hope all who attending the Sex and the City workshop had fun on Saturday...work that look today!

M x

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  1. Mulain, I thought you would be interested in a quote from Evelyn Lauder the daughter-in-law of Estee Lauder. She says she wears make up every day because it makes her look prettier and makes her feel good. I echo that. So keep showing us all the latest yummy products we can play with.