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Monday, September 12, 2011


MU Virginia Reinvention or quarter-life crisis?

Mulain was with MU Virginia on Saturday watching her get her hair coloured and cut. She briefed the stylist....'something fun, something different, bit of reinvention...want a Spring in my step after such a wet Monsoon'. So black and white followed - blonde platinium fringe and dark, dark brown surrounding it. MU Virginia was thinking quarter-life crisis? Or a bit of MU-ch needed REINVENTION?...Mulain and MU Virginia decided definitely REINVENTION. We all get stuck in ruts - mentally and physically and all of us need a bit of a shake up to get us back on track in life and feeling fantastic. Makeovers are an essential part of feeling good! It's creative and holistic too. Not sure what a fat mu makeover entails...call Rosy on 9920753846. We all need a bit of TLC in make-up world. Tres importante.

So now MU Virginia has a new blonde fringe - she 'll have to adjust her make-up and clothes too...good fun!!!

M x

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