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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pammie pushes for ban!

So we know the infamous Pamela Anderson is an ardent PETA supporter and activist. Above she has lent her body to promote being a Veggie and on top of that she has written personally to John Dolli the European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy to not delay the ban on testing on animals. Once the ban goes through it means companies in the EU will not be able to test on anything live...including make-up companies!? So...where will this leave all of us?....If they don't test all the chemicals and ingredients in make-up on the small and cute furry things then who will they test on? Poor people? Ummm ...Mulain wonders what the big Multi-nationals are planning? Maybe they'll be forced to look at natural, organic ways of producing make-up that's good for us...and does n't contain all the nasty parabens and other stuff etc...."beauty is pain" is something Mulain often hears ...so questioning it today...does it have to be like that?

So good for you Pammie..trying to make the world a better place.

M x

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