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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

fat mu academy's pro course.....

"Putting the Art into Make-up"

Bridal glamour....

Black and White photography with a retro twist

MU Virginia holding make-up court!

There has to be cake na?

It's not all glamour....getting technical in Airbrushing class....

Batch 2 graduation snap!

MU-ette Vimi designing for her Doha market

Batch 1 MU-ettes at their graduation

MU-ette Loveleen learning airbrushing with MU Xavier

Group design work

Pirates of the Caribbean - character class

Final project in action

Working on the spot!

Airbrush design on....

MU-ette Sarika and her final project with MUs Virginia and Natasha

Mulain has posted some snaps of the pro course batches we've had...just to give you a feel. It's a jam-packed, design orientated, super creative course taking you on a journey that'll change your life...and that's a promise from Mulain himself!

Interested in the Sept or Jan batches mail us at mail@fatmu.com or call MU Rosy on 992075346.

M x

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