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Thursday, August 11, 2011

A day in MU History

Elizabeth 1 - 16th century England

Great book to have in your make-up library

A pretty lady from 1590s...start looking at painting of women, it's our only visual record of them before le camera my darlings...

Mulain thinks that everyone in the world should know about the history of make-up. Of course a make-up artist should know their subject...make-up did n't just happen in the 21st century...it has evolved over thousands of years...Mulain is going to keep throwing useful and interesting make-up and hair info at you my friends, so brace yourselves. An essential and fantastic book is Richard Corson's 'Fashions in Make-up from Ancient to Modern Times'....640 pages jammed with info and styles and concontions and cute little tit-bits. What is fascinating is how women (and men) have always wanted to look good...even 4000 years ago! And amazing at what lengths people went to, to achieve this...even death sometimes (don't think anything has changed really). And as always there has been this battle to look fair and white!

Get this.....Corson tells us that women in Elizabethan days (16th century England) were told that if they did n't want to wear white paint (packed full of poisonous lead) to make themselves 'fair and lovely' or to cover rough skin that they should wash in their own urine or urine mixed with Rose-water...eeeuuuugghhhh. Makes the mind boggle does n't it? Have you heard any interesting and quirky make-up stories from the past? Mulain would LOVE to know....:). So many different theories and ideas at that particular time but Mulain wonders we may laugh but actually what does anyone know about Botox? Or about Parabens in make-up these days? The world of make-up is much safer and it's been tested and tested etc but still do we really know the ingredients in everything or what they do to us. Maybe we choose not to?

M x


  1. It is strange this fair and white thing. Most people I know who are fair and white would love to be dark and tanned! Hence the annual 2 week dash to the sun. We always want what we haven't got. Curly haired people want straight hair and vice versa. We have to learn to be happy with what we are given and through the help of people like you Mulain, my darling, learn to make the best of ourselves. LONG LIVE FATMU.

  2. PS. I must apologise Mulain for the absence of comments on your blog but I have been busy studying. I am back. X