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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

P20 Sunfilter

Ok it's Summer and it's SOOOOO x 1000000 hot ya! We are all out and about in the heat and obviously protecting our skins!? (Has Mulain taught you nothing?)....so am sure you are all out there buying suncreams / gels / sprays galore. Me being thoughtful as ever came across another option for you guys and gals....P20 sunfilter! Been around for years and some swear by it.....beauty is application is one time....30 mins before you hit the rays...then it's on all day....water resistent and you don't burn! (as long as your application is consistent all will be ok)...MU Virginia heard about this on a recent film project.....we are so used to reapplying creams so a one-off option could just make life easier non?

Want to know more ...check out the site www.p20.co.uk .......no harm trying...generally reviews are great...gradual tanning and no burning, no creamy, messy applications throughout the day? Definitely worth a try says Mulain.

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