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Monday, May 2, 2011

Make-up from the streets!

Shop til you drop . . . .

but not from the streets!

Ok..little tip from Mulain today....don't buy make-up from the streets!!! As a pro make-up artist you CANNOT buy MAC or Bobbi Brown or any other brand from an unknown source. We know that you think you're getting a bargain and saving your money...but bottom line is you don't know where the make-up has come from and you don't know what's in it! Imagine putting it on a client's face or body and an allergy happens or skin erupts...you don't look very professional and you may be harming that person. So really think about the responsibility of being an artist. Always buy the real McCoy that way you protect yourself, if there are any issues with a brand or product you can always take the product back!

So be sensible and invest your cash wisely! Here endeth the lesson.....

M x

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