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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lady Danger!

MAC's Lady Danger....what va-va-voom!

for brunettes....
for a slightly vintage feel....

for blondes....

Mulain was watching Australian hair ace Cheryl Williams working on location and can't stop admiring her. Amongst all the dust and dirt and sweat and noise of MP...Cheryl looks a complete stylish lady with lipstick always on. And have to say it's not just any old lippie...she wears MAC's Lady Danger every day come hell or high water! It's statement and totally eye catching and for those of you who like Morange by MAC this one is one step further! In the red lipstick family it has a strong orange undertone so it's not for the nervous. It is highly pigmented and bold and matt, as I have seen with my own eyes in 45 degree heat in Orchha (middle of India) it has amazing staying power and does n't dry the lips! I would say this one is definitely for lipstick wearers and not for the nervous. Lovely to see on and instantly puts me in a good mood when I have been seeing Madame Williams....what a lady!

M x

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