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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Old style flocking....

Mulain hears you asking "what is flocking?".....Well......Flocking is both a product and a technique. It refers to small fibres being applied to a surface using an electrostatic gun. It is essentially a process of applying material to a surface. Mulain was watching fantastic Make-up Designer Zeljka Stanin showing how to 'flock' stubble onto an artist...amazing technique to give such a realistic stubble look. She told us that it's used by SFX artists mainly and animatronix people to create the fur look...she told us that any fibre can be used to get the 'standing up' effect required, also in prosthetics they use it to recreate capillaries with silicon and gelatin. She showed us her flocking gun, safety goggles (VERY IMPORTANT)... she chopped up the hair required, put in the gun, connected up the gun and off she went. She used Prosaide to get the hair to stick on and within seconds stubble was on...amazing. To all experimental artists SFX or very creative fashion ones...read up about this technique. You have to know all the pluses and minuses for this....and safety (as always) is paramount! You have to know what you are doing!! How to lure Madame Stanin to a workshop in Bombay? Mulain on the case MUs Xavier and Virginia think she is brilliant.... M x

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