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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Smoke Signal

Smoke Signal by Boots No. 17
MU Virginia brought back for me a lovely little nail polish called Smoke Signal by Boots No.17....you look at it in the little 8ml bottle and think 'yuck...murky grey'...and that how would it look good...and yet....it does. It not only looks good ..it looks quite cool and very glam. Day or night this colour can do both, versatility at your fingertips (excuse the pun). It promises 5 days of colour, and chip proof....lets see shall we? Also 2 coats with the larger, easier to handle brush. It's a good price too, only about 3GP. They have a great colour range actually, so have a look and see what suits you.
Hope January is treating you well my friends. Mulain x

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