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Thursday, January 6, 2011


Mulain is delighted to tell you all about cafe Chez-Moi...started by my dear friend Amman Dua in Bandra West, sort of next door to Candies in Reclamation. Just off now to check it out...food is Euro / Bistro style and all write-ups so far have been great! Bon chance Amman! Now you might think why is Mulain writing about a cafe on a make-up blog? Well...we all know cafes / coffee or tea house culture is the perfect environment to relax/unwind/escape/talk/chat ideas/spread ideas/argue ideas/get inspired....check out 1900s Vienna if you don't believe me. Those little hotspots of gathering helped shaped the 20th century!! So roll on cafe culture I say. Get your little hooves trotting down there to get inspired and share thoughts of the day. Remember my fellow artistes and friends, you are shaping the world around you and of course have a cake while you are at it :).
Mulain x

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