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Monday, December 13, 2010

Too much make-up?

Christina on X-factor UK

Brit gal Cheryl on the X factor show....

A close pal of Mulain's commented recently on celebs wearing too much make-up!? Is this possible I ask you? We are living in the times of Lady Gaga non...what is too much in this Gaga land? The situation that my friend was talking about was Britain's X factor talent show. It seems that popstress Christina Aguilera was on last week and appeared next to one of the hosts, Cheryl Cole, both seemed 'plastered' with make-up. I had a sneaky peek at the show in question....and thought is it the lighting? Is there too much? We are so used to celebs sporting different looks and really pushing creative boundaries so I think it's not so much the 'too' much it's the way it's applied. It's all in the art! If it looks disagreeable / bad / not happening...look at the whole package too...the hair, make-up and clothes....sometimes celebs make mistakes ...we are all human afterall. It's good to notice these things my darling as it makes you think about your own work. The make-up you do must work alongside many factors...situation, lights, clothes etc.....always take this into account.
Today is Monday and the MUs are reflecting on the year gone by....Christmas, New Year and of course 2011. Have been shooting like mad....on beaches, under palms, in studios, in airplanes (?!)...make-up artists do get around you know...:)....do tell us your funny locations!
MU Prajakta is running our hairstyling workshop this week and MU Sara gearing up for her makeovers today. Whatever you're doing today Mulain hopes you have a great day!

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