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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Go Natural

Earlier I had written about a lady called Bharti that I had met at the organic farmers market in Bandra .... Bharti does a range of natural cosmetics and skin care called 'Waterline'. What I remember from my conversation with her was her mentioning natural cleansers... here's what she said..... to cleanse your face morning and night use milk- not the tetra pack kind but fresh milk.... for those of us living in India... boil the milk first and keep in the fridge so it lasts longer. Using a cotton pad soaked in cold milk clean the entire face.... this works for ALL skin types, so for all you people prone to breakouts you will not erupt!
Milk also contains a natural bleach which will gradually lighten/ even out your complexion- don't get me wrong I am not into fairness at all, all this will do is help you achieve a clear even creamy skin tone.
To remove eye make-up she suggested olive oil... once eyes are clean, go over with milk to clean entire face and then finish off by rinsing with water.....
Results- lovely clean skin. Try it... I know I am!


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