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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How to look like Taylor Swift!

this Lakme Red 'red hot' lipstick is a great place to start!

This singer / songwriter is uber hot and totally talented and RED CARPET GORGEOUS!

The infamous Kanye West moment....what a bad man!!!

MUs Virg and Nat were watching Taylor Swift perform at a recent music industry award function and in between OMG-ing with Usher and toe-tappin' with Katy Perry and lil Justin B
they could n't help noticing just how good she looked. She usually goes for a very feminine, girly, soft look ....this night she went for old Hollywood glam..from hair to nails to lips to eyes! Just fantastic and shows how versatile she is...and what a great style team she has! Recently Mulain has noticed Mademoiselle Swift wearing flicks on the eyes and a red, statement mouth, instantly giving her a more adult, glamourous look and appeal. Love it!

So...want to look like Taylor Swift but without the surgery :)....the below products will help!

MU-st prep skin!!!! Get skin care to suit you.
Groom those brows and keep them in place.
MAC's Blacktrack fluid eyeline gel / Lakme liquid eyeliner for the eyeline flicks.
Max Factor volume mascara - 2000 caleries is great for va-va-voom red carpet glam.
MAC's Dollymix powder blush for girly glam.
and finally the statements lips...icing on the cake!
LAKME'S "RED HOT" LIPSTICK - it's a fantastic shade of red...huge impact and just lovely!
Also keep the hair soft and tonged and maybe pin back....nails red to match lips! Voila....let me know how you get on my loo-ver-lies......
So my darlings....am whizzing off for a meeting...MU Natasha in academy today...intro to sfx...can't wait to see pix!
Mulain x

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