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Monday, November 22, 2010

fat mu's 8 week pro course!

It's batch 3's final week in the academy this week....can you believe it?...Our little MU-ettes are leaving the nest on Friday...off to spread their creative wings across Mumbai. Bon chance my darlings! They still have to get through character week though and intro to SFX, so still work and learning is on.

Bookings are now open for January 2011 for batches 4 and 5, a morning session and afternoon session now available! So do email or call us...numbers and details at the top of the blog...come in and meet the MUs and see if this is the course for you!

MU Virginia is prepping for an Excel film...the fat mu team are completing the last schedule for the fabulous Ms. Akhtar....so all go at fat mu HQ plus other shoots on and of course...lots of wedding belles!

Caio for now....Mulain x

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