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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Putting the Art into Nails

Don't just limit colour and creativity to your face take it down to your nails too!

The other day we saw MU-ette Ruxana come in to our studio with a funky green nail colour that had white polka dots on it - certainly eye-grabbing and very cute!

Yesterday for the Make Up For Ever launch we saw MU Sara sporting pink nails with a line of yellow dots down the centre of each nail - again tres chic!

Nail art can be fun and an easy way to express yourself or the mood you're in.... pretty, flirty, goth, funk - whatever you fancy really.... there's enough colours and gliiters on the markets for nails now and so something for every one... every age and personality!

Try it and show Mulain how creative you can get! It's fun!!! ask us.... :)


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